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What is an Audiologist?

Audiologists are experts in the non-medical management of the auditory and vestibular (balance) systems. Audiologists hold masters or doctoral degrees from accredited universities with special training in the prevention, identification, assessment and non-medical treatment of hearing disorders. They are licensed by individual states to practice their profession.An audiologist uses a variety of tests and procedures to assess hearing and balance function and to fit and dispense hearing aids and other assistive devices for hearing.

Audiologists specialize in the study of:

  • Normal and impaired hearing
  • Prevention of hearing loss
  • Identification and assessment of hearing and balance problems
  • Rehabilitation of persons with hearing and balance disorders

In addition, audiologists may:

  • Prepare future professionals in colleges and universities
  • Manage agencies, clinics or private practices
  • Engage in research
  • Design hearing instruments and testing equipment


by Carol Hawkins

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