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How to Read an Audiogram

AudiogramRecording The Hearing Test

An audiogram is a graph form that we use to  record the results of a hearing test. You can see a sample audiogram to the right. 

The vertical lines represent the test frequencies, arranged from low pitched on the left to high pitched on the right. Low pitch, is the bass of sound, it is the sound of the vowels or power in speech. High pitch is the treble of sound, it is the sound of the consonants or clarity in speech.

The horizontal lines represent loudness, from very soft at the top to very loud at the bottom.

Circles represent scores for the right ear, and Xs are used for the left ear. The scores are plotted on the audiogram and compared to results obtained from persons with normal hearing (the unshaded area). Speech sounds at an average speech level may also be plotted, to give some information about which sounds are audible to the listener.

by Carol Hawkins

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