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Custom Earmolds

We carry a full line of custom earmold products for hearing amplification, industrial, and recreational applications (swim plugs, hearing protectors, communications, and much more). All custom products require an appointment for ear impressions at our office.

If you have another need which is not listed here, please contact our office for further information. There are custom plugs available for a variety of purposes or situations

Swim Plugs

Swim plugs

Originally designed for use while surface swimming or showering to prevent moisture from entering the ear canal, these plugs are also superb sound attenuators. Available in a variety of colors and color combinations, with a Noise Reduction Rating of 27 dB.

$100.00 per pair



Hunters & Shooters Plugs

Hunters and Shooters earplugs

Designed for hunting and other high-level impact noise environments, this full shell earpiece features a valve that instantaneously closes once a certain noise level is reached. This allows hunters to hear clearly until the weapon is fired and still have full hearing protection from gunfire.

$140.00 per pair



Motorcycle Plugs

Motorcycle earplugs

Designed primarily for motorcyclists to wear under a helmet to help eliminate wind noise, the 4RT is made in a soft vinyl material and features a hollow canal style for greatest comfort. Low profile, canal style earpieces feature a handy removal filament.

$120.00 per pair



ES49 Custom Fit Ear Plugs

ES 49 Musicians ear plugs

The earpiece of choice for performing musicians and concert attendees, it is also a great option for anyone who needs to hear accurately in high noise environments. Popular with music teachers, DJs, flight attendants, bartenders, waitresses, and dental workers. The flat attenuation characteristics allow the wearer to hear accurately - but at a safer volume. Can be ordered with a choice of either 9, 15, or 25 dB filters.

$200 per pair (must be ordered in person)

Pilot Molds

Pilot molds

The pilot earpiece provides custom-fit comfort for the Plantronics MS-30, MS-50 and MS-57, Telex 5x5 Pro III and 5x5 Mark IIA communication systems. Features an easily adjustable SwivelComm bar for placement of the boom microphone just where it's needed. Also popular with air traffic controllers and telephone operators.

$100 per mold


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